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Powdered Milk is Versatile and Frugal

There is beauty to cooking with and using powdered milk. It is far more than just a powdering substance that sits on the shelf for years at time waiting for some major catastrophe to be removed and used. So what is it about powered milk that is so great?

Powdered Cuttwood Unicorn Milk Eliquid is a powder made from dried (dehydrated) milk solids. Due to its low moisture content, powdered milk has a far longer shelf life than its liquid counterpart and does require refrigeration. At one time people shunned at the thought of powdered milk but today more and more people are embracing the wonders of milk solids.

Using powdered milk is economically friendly being that is not only cheaper, but, as mentioned earlier, it last longer than liquid milk. It is also good for stockpiling in cases of emergency. Using powdered milk is also economical because in the event that you run out of liquid milk, you can just run over to your pantry, instead of the store, and grab that box of milk solids. Imagine what you save in gas.

As far as cooking with powdered milk, it is definitely something you want to consider. And don't limit yourself with what you can do with it.

You can use powder milk to make macaroni and cheese. Think about it if you buy boxed mac and cheese, they use dried cheese which is what? Dairy, just like powdered milk and with the right ingredients you can create your own recipe using milk solids instead of liquid milk.

Powdered milk is frequently used in baking; in recipes where adding liquid milk would render the product too thin to be used. It is also a common in wherever fresh milk is not a viable option. You can also use it to make your own fat free cream soup base. And I would be remiss if I did not mention that you can also make sweetened condense milk and even sour cream with this handy and useful powder.

If your kids are chocolate or flavored milk fans, then powdered milk is a great way to provide them with all the healthy benefits of liquid milk while saving a few dollars by utilizing the powdered version for drinks that required milk. You can also use powdered milk to whipping cream, yogurt and other dairy items.

If your mother used powdered Cuttwood Monster Melons and you remember a watered down version of your favorite creamy white drink, don't let it stop you from trying it again. The taste has gotten better over the years and you really can't beat the economic value of powdered milk.

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